Copyright Legislation in India

Copyright Law in India is governed by The Copyright Act 1957 (as amended by the Copyright Amendment Act 2012). The history of copyright law in India can be traced back to its colonial era under the British Empire. The Copyright Act 1957 was the first post-independence copyright legislation in India and the law has been amended six times since 1957. The most recent amendment was in the year 2012, through the Copyright (Amendment) Act 2012.

Following is the List of Main Copyright Acts and The amendments to the Copyright Act

Enactment DateTitle of the Legislation – (Click Title to Download Act)
June 4, 1957Copyright Act, 1957 (Act No. 14 of 1957, as amended up to Act No. 27 of 2012)
August 31, 1983Copyright (Amendment) Act, 1983 (Act No. 23 of 1983)
September 14, 1984Copyright (Amendment) Act, 1984 (Act No. 65 of 1984)
April 3, 1992Copyright (Amendment) Act, 1992 (Act No. 13 of 1992)
June 9, 1994Copyright (Amendment) Act, 1994 (Act No. 38 of 1994)
December 30, 1999Copyright (Amendment) Act, 1999 (Act No. 49 of 1999)
June 7, 2012Copyright (Amendment) Act, 2012 (Act No. 27 of 2012)

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