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Scheme of Internship

1st phase

  • A schematic synopsis of the research to be undertaken by the Intern hasto be submittedtothe supervisor and approved by the Centre Head.

2nd phase

  • Literature review/Collection of Resources/ development in the research should be updated timely.

3rd phase

  • Mandatory Presentation on the research undertaken by the Intern at the end of the internship.

4th phase

  • Final report to be submitted after incorporating the suggestions and inputs provided during presentation.

 Last minute hurry should be avoided.

Regular interaction on the progress of the research with the supervisor.

Attendance: (Mandatory) – Attendance at the centre between 10 a.m to 5 p.m (Excluding the lunch and tea break) is mandatory

Duration of Internship: Minimum duration of Internship is 15 or 30 working days. Relaxed may be granted in exceptional circumstances by the Centre Head.

Submission of Report (Mandatory): The Final Report on the research undertaken by the intern should be submitted to the supervisor during the last week of intern(6days prior to the end of the intern period).
Late submission of the report or submission of the report after the internship period will be not accepted.

Issuance of Certificate: The Certificate of Internship shall be issued on successful completion of all the mandatory requirements during the internship to the complete satisfaction of the Centre Head.

CIPRA will not provide any financial assistance during Internship.

Accommodation Facilities : The candidate is expected to make his/her own arrangement for accommodation during the internship period [However the candidate may approach the Chief Warden of the Halls of Residence of NLSIU for accommodation, allotment of hostel facility is at the discretion of Chief Warden].

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