Design Rights Legislation

Design Legislation in India

The Designs law in India was first observed in The Patterns and Designs Act,1872. Further, in 1911 the British government enacted the Patent and Designs Act repealing all the prior legislations. In 1970, the Patent Act was enacted to deal with the patent claims specifically, however, all the provisions regarding patents from this Act were repealed and proceeded with Industrial designs till 2000.

Due to rapid industrial growth and technological advancement, the Designs Act, 2000 was enacted, to make the Designs Law in India in compliance with TRIPS. It is an Act to consolidate and amend the law relating to the protection of designs and came into effect on 25.05.2000.

Following is the List of Main Design Acts and Rules:


25.05.2000                                              The Designs Act,2000 (No.16 of 2000)


11.05.2001                                                The Designs Rules,2001

30.12.2014                                               The Designs (Amendment) Rules, 2014

25.01.2021                                               The Designs(Amendment), Rules, 2021


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